Our Mission

The time has come for the highest quality handcrafted face masks to be made available to the public. Behold, the BAKED RAVEN DESIGNS “3-D” face masks! Named 3-D because these masks conform to the contours of your face so perfectly. They are crafted to help you protect yourselves and those around you in the current COVID-19 pandemic health crisis. These are not medical grade masks, but they do provide a high level of personal protection from airborn pathogens. Here at BAKED RAVEN DESIGNS, we have shifted our efforts to providing high quality face masks for the people who demand better fitting face coverings and also want a splash of style and color choices. There are a lot of good folks out there working hard to bring their face masks to the public, but we feel our masks are the best out there in terms of comfort and durability. Everything about these fine masks is a cut above the rest! We tested a lot of designs, and we settled on the “3-D” mask design we offer here. Our masks are washable and re-usable. They are offered in a wide array of patterns and colors. The lining of each mask is 100% cotton unbleached muslin fabric, which is both comfortable and breathable. We have what we feel are the most comfortable GELLEE ear loops on the market. We surveyed many people who have bought hand crafted face masks off the internet, only to be disappointed over and over again. The fit would be off or the materials wouldn’t allow decent breathability, they would say. Sometimes the masks were way too small or too large. We set to work on addressing the complaints some folks had with their purchases and came to the conclusion that the 3-D mask design seemed to be the best possible compromise for most people. Our masks are made in small batches that will be available in men’s and women’s sizes and will also be limited to only a few pieces in each fabric pattern. Each mask is made using the most reasonable effort to assure germ-free conditions. All fabric is pre-washed and heat pressed. Each mask is packaged in an individual bag complete with instructions for proper use and cleaning care.

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